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Engineering & Construction - Project


When there are uncertainties within a project, it's difficult to estimate and assign resources. With OneLynk's Project Management tools, companies can keep track of project contracts, contact lists, work locations, labor categories, milestones, and more. Managers will be able to visualize project estimates and identify time and resource requirements quickly and easily.  
Engineering & Construction - Communications & Escalations

Communications & Escalations

OneLynk Connect facilitates audio, video, text and emailing among project stakeholders. We've streamlined approval requests and reminders so when a task needs to be escalated, it doesn't create a bottleneck for your project.  
Engineering & Construction - Payment Processes

Payment Processes

Manage your purchase orders, billing receipts, item returns, and current balances of your vendors and customers through our Procure2Pay module.  
Engineering & Construction - Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Our platform will work for you without any additional effort. Our enterprise level, built-in analytics uses your company's data to gain valuable insights to continuously improve operations.  

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