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Mergers & Acquisitions

Onboard in weeks instead of months

OneLynk provides a unifying system for holding companies and new acquisitions so you can focus more on business and less on operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions - Onboarding


Along with that brand new company also comes new employee records, new timesheets, new finances, and new HR. OneLynk's enterprise level onboarding capabilities allows for streamlined merging across all operations. This proven, rapid onboarding enables employees to spend as little time as possible merging documents, records, and financials. The Solution Manager and Virtual Onboarding tools assist employees during the merge to establish a unified, highly scalable, configurable platform. The shared service center approach improves efficiencies by consolidating common business services and combining processes and policies as fast as possible.  
Mergers & Acquisitions - Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Managing a Holding Company's portfolio of businesses can be challenging - and it's more important than ever for a fast growing business to allow for easy expansion. OneLynk takes away that headache and gives companies a clear onboarding and integration path to merge in the most efficient way.  
Mergers & Acquisitions - Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Our platform will work for you without any additional effort. Our enterprise level built-in analytics uses your company's data to gain valuable insights to continuously improve operations.  

Don’t let operations hold you back

OneLynk allows companies to streamline their merger process as well as plan for future mergers. Reducing onboarding lead time opens up new opportunities for companies to simultaneously onboard and increase the growth of their business.

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