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Professional Services - Hiring


More projects means more 1099s, more subcontractor resources, and more time. Your HR department will thank you with the ability to organize interviews, approvals, and the entire hiring process.
Professional Services - Empowered Employees

Empowered Employees

Your employees will be able to request time off and request approvals. Your HR department will be able to manage different department PTO, employee information, and benefit tiers.
Professional Services - Managing by the Numbers

Managing By The Numbers

The process of sending and receiving large amounts of invoices can be daunting. OneLynk offers automation services that can free up back office resources from those seemingly endless billing transactions.
Professional Services - Securing Your Data

Securing Your Data

Keeping your sensitive data secure and controlled is our specialty. Keeping data in multiple, remote locations is not a problem that's what OneLynk was made to manage.
Professional Services - Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Our platform will work for you without any additional effort. Our enterprise level, built-in analytics uses your company's data to gain valuable insights to continuously improve operations.

Organize your finance and HR department with one solution: OneLynk

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