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June 12, 2020

Embrace Cloud Technologies to Empower your Workforce

Your workforce is under stress trying to keep up with the latest challenges of remote work, increasing pressures of right-sizing, and constantly changing regulations. Business owners and managers need to know how technology can lead to better productivity and retention.


Employee Self-Services can give workers the ability to manage and control more of their personal data and initiate requests. At the same time, managers and HR resources can efficiently approve and process employee transactions that requires their support.


To get started, separate employee activities into three categories:

Identify the personal requests employees can manage and deliver them as Employee Self-Services (ESS).

  • Initiate requests (Vacation, Leave Requests, Training)
  • Update personal status updates (Benefits Management)
  • Complete self-appraisals
  • Identify qualifying life events

Identify activities that require management approval, offer them as Manager Self-Services (MSS).

  • Manage and approve employee changes
  • Manage and approve Recruit-to-Hire activities
  • Manage Employee appraisal activities
  • Analyze process performance

Identify the activities that require the involvement of HR staff as part of their Human Capital Management (HCM) responsibilities.

  • Changes that require verification by HR

Next, deliver these services on a completely online cloud-based platform complete with:

  • Real-time transparency (where is my expense report?)
  • Access on any laptop or mobile phone (let me check on my phone)
  • And built-in analytics (how long did it take to get reimbursed?)

Now you can increase employee satisfaction by giving them greater control and visibility while eliminating unnecessary employee frustrations resulting from inefficient internal processes. And remember, a satisfied worker is a long-term worker!


AtWork Systems offers these services as part of our Human Capital Management modules, one of 22 of our complete OneLynk Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. And we’ve made it modular, scalable and most importantly, affordable.

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