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July 13, 2022

The Top 5 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Distributed Supply Chain

Today’s social distancing rules are impacting the way businesses interact not only with their employees, but also with their consultants, contractors and clients. For each of these critical business relationships, you need to make sure you make sure you support the necessary capabilities to seamlessly and efficiently keep them connected and informed.

  • Stay Informed on how your projects are doing
  • Communicate project and task status
  • Report time and expenses
  • Track issues and changes
  • Correspond using different modes and channels

To accomplish these objectives, you need the following capabilities to create a highly connected Virtually Integrated Orgnization capable of maintaining high performance over a geographically distributed network:

Real-time process and project status

Online access to a project management system that allows role-based access to viewing project status.

Workflow integration of employees, 1099’s, contractors and clients

Integration of all key participants into the process flow for key activities such as submitting time and expenses, and submitting, reviewing and approving transactions related to their responsibilities.

Integrated document management

Online, secured and role-based access to key documents.

Controlled and secured role-based process/project status and approval visibility

Online access to a project management system that allows role-based access to updating and project related transactions and status.

Efficient collaboration using chat/voice/video and correspondence tracking

Multi-channel options for connecting with partners, ranging from short asynchronous notifications to interactive real time discussions and shared video communications.

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