• OneLynk is a fully integrated back office software-as-a-service solution built from the ground up. Our application not only streamlines your operations, but also provides business analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

    OneLynk Service Offerings
    • Process: Best practice back office, integrated solution for HR, Finance, Department Managers, Procurement and others.
    • People: OneLynk Marketplace for hiring and procurement of services that supports the emerging gig economy.
    • Insight: Greater visibility and control over core business transactions with business analytics for data driven decisions.
    • Oversight: Built-in analysis and auditing support for regulatory compliance.
    • Flexibility: Configurable, extensible, mobile, cloud-based platform that is easily implemented.

    Flexibility Anytime, Anywhere

    Work anytime and anywhere with web and mobile access

    OneLynk Flexbility

    • Supports a flexible shared gig economy back office workforce – access to a broad resource pool.
    • 24 X 7 access to Smart Business Analytics.
    • Supports integration with existing back office systems.

Marketplace for Success

Collaborate with consultants and service providers who deliver results.

OneLynk Marketplace

  • Vetted and marketed to the business community.
  • Build reputations via feedback on engagements.
  • Enjoy variety and flexibility on work assignments.
  • Enjoy member benefits and support resources.
We Bring You

Client Benefits

OneLynk Solutions
  • Supports a flexible workforce with a shared back office and access to a broad resource pool.
  • Customizable workflow and authentication processes.
  • User friendly, self-service business intelligence with home screens unique to each user.
  • Operational software available on mobile and desktop, 24/7.
  • Real-time awareness of business transactions and data.