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Government Contracting Questions Answered

GovCon Managed Services

GovCon Growth Strategies

Starting and growing a government contracting business requires learning how to do business with the government, building and maturing your market niche and capabilities, implementing back-office processes and systems, handling compliance and audit requirements, building solid past performance as well as acquisition strategies. Knowing what questions to ask to grow can make all the difference between success and failure. Review answers to questions to avoid pitfalls that can derail growth. 
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GovCon Managed Services

GovCon Managed Services

Delivering on government contracts requires back-office processes and systems and a support team with skills in accounting, procurement, HR, payroll, contract, and project management. Implementing systems, hiring, and training the right team can take time and money. Utilizing managed services delivered using a DCAA compliant ERP systems and staffed by knowledgeable support team is a great option. Review answers to questions to discover why managed services could be right for you.
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GovCon ERP

DCAA Compliance

Government contractors must comply with federal acquisition regulations (FAR), cost accounting standards (CAS), pre-award survey (SF 1408), real-time labor evaluations, and the incurred cost submission (ICS) requirements. Understanding the government’s rules and complying can be very expensive,however non-compliance is often not an option. Review answers to questions that provides the insight needed to implement the processes and systems that lower compliance cost.
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GovCon Accounting

DCAA Compliant Accounting

Whether you’re setting up a new ERP system or switching from a standalone system like QuickBooks … you want to ensure that your accounting system will satisfy the scrutiny of government auditors. Review answers to questions that provides the insight needed when implementing processes and systems that lower compliance cost.
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sbirs and grants

SBIRs & Grants

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in the United States is a competitive initiative aimed at encouraging small businesses to engage in federal research and development (R&D) with a focus on potential commercialization. Participating federal agencies, such as NIH, NSF, DoD, NASA, and DoE, each contribute to the program with their own priorities.
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Managing Grants & Contracts

Managing Contracts

When purchasing supplies and services the federal government awards four primary types of contracts. Each type has unique FAR clauses and requirements that will shape your management approach. Review answers to questions to get valuable insight into the processes and solutions required to improve your bottom line.
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GovCon ERP

Government ERP Systems

As your organization grows from “start-up” to “prime” contractor … you’ll need to implement integrated systems that provide the capabilities needed to manage your people, finances and operations. Review answers to questions for insight into how to select and implement an ERP system that can improve operations and compliance.
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Service Contract Act

Service Contract Act (SCA)

Managing SCA contracts can be challenging. Contracts requiring SCA employees have unique requirements placed on contractors. It’s a mistake to think business as usual – is fine. Your timekeeping and payroll systems must be up to the task. Review answers to questions that will clarify requirements and describe how to comply.
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Graduating 8(a) Program

Graduating 8(a) Program

35% of firms in the 8(a) Program fail to win full and open contracts after graduating. There are many factors that contribute to this outcome. Successfully graduating from the 8(a) program takes a long-term plan that starts years before graduation. Review answers to questions that provide insights to develop a strategic plan - improving your chances of success.
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GovCon Compliance Audits

GovCon Compliance Audits

Government contractors need to comply with regulations that will expose their business to a range of compliance reviews and audits. Negative findings can be disruption and costly. Your processes and systems need to be designed to support the record keeping needed to facilitate audits. Review answers to questions that describe the types of audits and what you need to do to get prepared.
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GovCon CyberSecurity

Government contractors are required to raise the bar by demonstrating they have adequate policies, practices, and controls to safeguard and protect critical information, such as, CUI & PII. Achieving and maintaining CMMC certification should be on every GovCon’s radar. Review answers to questions that provide insight needed to implement an effective and comprehensive cybersecurity program.
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