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April 3, 2020

7 Ideas For Effective Telework for GovCons

With the increasing need for employees to work remotely, it is more important than ever to make telework safer, smarter, and more productive for your GovCon organization. AtWork has some ideas for you to make it all work:

Create a Space: It is important to keep your work separate from your personal life. A great way to make that happen is by creating a separate space for your work to thrive. Try setting up your work area in a different room from your normal activities. It will help keep you focused and productive.

Keep Regular Office Hours: Make sure you are available during your normal office hours. Even if you do your actual work outside of that range, you must be accessible by your teammates during the normal time they are at work. Modern collaborative communication tools such as phone, text, chat, and video conference make it easier than ever to stay connected.

Dress for Success: We know it is tempting to just roll out of bed and spend the workday in your pajamas. But keeping a work mindset is vital to maintaining your productivity. Get dressed the normal way you would if you were going to be in the office. It is a great way to retain your focus.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum: Sometimes working from home introduces more interruptions. Try to keep those to a minimum as much as you reasonably can. Keep your friends, family, kids, and pets in other rooms, and avoid loud noises. Whenever possible, schedule non-work appointments during non-work times.

Be Safe and Secure: Be careful about exchanging personal and business information. Keep your computer and phone current with the latest security updates. If your work requires confidentiality, make sure to have a safe or locking cabinet to secure sensitive material.

Be Social: It's easy to get a little cabin fever when you are working remotely. To avoid feeling isolated, keep in touch with your teammates during the day. Go out of your way to keep everyone in the loop on what you are working on, and what your project status is.

These are just a few ideas for keeping your telework happy and healthy.

AtWork can help secure your back office operation and important business data for that extra peace of mind.

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