Bubo Learning Design Picks OneLynk for their SBIR

AtWork Systems is pleased to announce our latest client Bubo Learning Design. Bubo experienced early success winning a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant and is looking forward to successfully winning follow-on awards. To improve their odds, they’ve made a strategic investment in AtWork Systems’ OneLynk platform, an affordable SaaS business solution designed for SMB government contractors. They recognized that their small business needed a way to quickly yet affordably come up to speed with the complex DCAA cost accounting and emerging CMMC security required by their targeted government agencies. OneLynk offered a platform and expertise that allows Bubo to focus on delivering their innovation by streamlining and simplifying government compliance.

OneLynk Supports the Total SBIR Lifecycle

SBIR Lifecycle
AtWork Systems will support Bubo’s total SBIR lifecycle efforts. They want to improve their chances of winning by demonstrating their ability to plan and manage their multi-phased research and commercialization efforts. The result will be a seamless transition of the planning and execution of the Phase 1 objectives (determining scientific, technical, and commercial merit) with Phase 2 (performing principal research and development) and Phase 3 (continued private sector funded commercialization). OneLynk’s DCAA complaint system supports automated project and financial reporting, as well as invoicing for Firm Fixed Price, Time and Material, Level of Effort, and Cost Reimbursable contracts.
For project planning and execution activities OneLynk will:
  • Perform project planning, estimating and reporting using its WBS based project solution.
  • Use workforce management features to manage their employees, and seamlessly integrate their consultants and contractors.
  • Manage the project’s progress using automated project reporting capabilities.
For Budget justification efforts OneLynk will:
  • Create a realistic cost estimate based on a bottoms-up calculation of the costs from the resource loaded WBS.
  • Calculate and track indirect rates using its DCAA compliant accounting system to update program cost, with real time interim estimates in between accounting periods.
  • Update Actual expenditures and commitments in real time and reported by period.
For commercialization efforts OneLynk will:
  • Support Bubo’s complete back office, including Contract Management, Project Management, Human Capital Management, Accounting (GL/AR/AP), Procure2Pay, Sales Orders Management and Payroll.
  • Track and manage and Bubo’s growth (number of employees and supply chain), costs (direct and indirect, vendor/supply chain, etc.) and financial status (track sales/revenue, profits, etc.).
It’s just the beginning
Their investment in OneLynk will have impacts well beyond SBIR initiatives. In the words of Bubo’s president Mark Evans, “We are hoping to use this to win then expand GSA contracting opportunities, and eventually move into IDIQ type of program management. It’s ambitious, but I see this tool as being key to everything we hope to accomplish in the government business sector.”
For more information on how AtWork Systems support the total SBIR lifecycle, as well as transforming a business operations to the next level, reach out to us at: contact@nullatworksys.com.
Our OneLynk platform is a comprehensive SaaS solution that provides a flexible, mobile and web based anytime/anywhere business platform. It dramatically eliminates the time, cost and typical business disruption needed to transform your business, growing with you over time as your agile company scales and adapts over time.
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