Executing Rapid Digital Transformation

Project Management

Today’s Leadership Challenge

With the fast-paced changes in government regulations, new and emerging operating models and changing customer demands are impacting businesses of all sizes. Government contractors and the small/mid-sized supply chain partners are struggling to stay compliant while remaining competitive. Many are adapting, leveraging the recent arrival of affordable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business solutions to help digitize their operations and transform their business. Enlightened leaders see rapid digital transformation.
Take for example the impact of COVID-19. Digital transformation is the only way to quickly respond to critical challenges:
  • Quickly implementing teleworking strategies to manage a distributed workforce
  • Managing and delivering business functions outside of an office environment
  • Responding to rapidly changing labor compliance requirements
  • Complying with increased cybersecurity risks and compliance requirements
  • Delivering high performance project management while enforcing social distance rules
AtWork Systems’ OneLynk platform was designed from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive and integrated suite of a cloud-based back-office services to small and mid-sized businesses through an affordable SaaS model.
  • 20+ business apps built on a totally modern mobile platform
  • Secure document management and workflow for a distributed workforce and supply chain
  • Configurable policy-based workflow that lets you quickly adapt and transform your business processes
  • Patented rapid implementation technologies and templates for fast conversion of business data and quick no code configuring
  • A complete & integrated business analytics solution for total insight of your operations’ performance
Our OneLynk platform is a comprehensive SaaS solution that provides a flexible, mobile and web based anytime/anywhere business platform. It dramatically eliminates the time, cost and typical business disruption needed to transform your business, growing with you over time as your agile company scales and adapts over time.
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