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Find out what your GovCon business needs to look for in an ERP solution.

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When it comes to implementing an ERP, timing is everything. Investing too early can increase your indirect rates and keep you from submitting competitive bids. Investing too late may leave you dependent on manual processes and legacy systems, which would also hurt your business. Addressing this problem is a crucial factor that comes into play when you’re selecting the ERP that’s right for you.


Download your copy of A Government Contractor's Guide to Selecting an ERP to learn more about:

  • The Pre-Award Accounting System Survey (SF 1408) and its role in helping you conform to DCAA standards
  • Cost Accounting Standards, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for GovCon
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and the Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) standard
  • What a mature GovCon business looks like and how regulatory compliance factors into the GovCon capability journey

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