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May 29, 2020

Executing Rapid Digital Transformation

Today’s Leadership Challenge

With the fast-paced changes in government regulations, new and emerging operating models and changing customer demands are impacting businesses of all sizes. Government contractors and the small/mid-sized supply chain partners are struggling to stay compliant while remaining competitive. Many are adapting, leveraging the recent arrival of affordable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business solutions to help digitize their operations and transform their business. Enlightened leaders see rapid digital transformation.


Take for example the impact of COVID-19. Digital transformation is the only way to quickly respond to critical challenges:

  • Quickly implementing teleworking strategies to manage a distributed workforce
  • Managing and delivering business functions outside of an office environment
  • Responding to rapidly changing labor compliance requirements
  • Complying with increased cybersecurity risks and compliance requirements
  • Delivering high performance project management while enforcing social distance rules

AtWork Systems’ OneLynk platform was designed from the ground up to deliver a comprehensive and integrated suite of a cloud-based back-office services to small and mid-sized businesses through an affordable SaaS model.

  • 20+ business apps built on a totally modern mobile platform
  • Secure document management and workflow for a distributed workforce and supply chain
  • Configurable policy-based workflow that lets you quickly adapt and transform your business processes
  • Patented rapid implementation technologies and templates for fast conversion of business data and quick no code configuring
  • A complete & integrated business analytics solution for total insight of your operations’ performance

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