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September 9, 2021

Running a High Performing GovCon Business

A 6-Part Government Contracting Webinar Series



AtWork Systems took on the task of creating a government contracting webinar series because there was no available comprehensive GovCon curriculum that covered the entire contract lifecycle and compliance requirements. Current courses are piecemeal, and typically targeted to only one business stakeholder in the company, while we target the owners, operators, and sales staff.


  • Our webinar’s content provides comprehensive solutions to small businesses understand federal contracting cost and pricing principles, including the full contract lifecycle to strengthen small business for success in the federal marketplace.

  • They are designed to quickly bring the attendees to high performing levels of expertise so they can immediately have an impact on their small business’ performance.

  • Each webinar concludes with valuable key takeaway summaries that provide actionable insights and guidance that can immediately be incorporated into their operations.

  • We recommend you attend all six sessions, however, each one is designed without any prerequisite.

  • Each 90-minute session is only $49!


This six-part webinar series using the interactive Kahoot platform to take advantage of its unique use of breakout rooms and embedded gamification features to make the mundane compliance and accounting topics interesting and fun.


Click to register for the sessions you want or the entire series.


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