Top 3 Technology Trends Supporting a Connected Supply Chain

Connected System
Over the past few months, we’ve seen a dramatic change in how businesses have responded to stay connected with their supply chain partners while maintaining COVID-19 imposed social distancing restrictions. Many of the communication and collaboration challenges are being addressed with robust processes and technologies, including digital workflow integration, providing controlled and secured document management capabilities, and leveraging collaboration tools. The results have been optimized efficiencies, reduced errors and improved cost and schedule performance.

Integrating Your Supply Chain into Your Business Workflow

Businesses are learning the benefits of automating their processes, making sure that work flows to the right reviewers and approvers repeatably and efficiently. They often don’t include their outside supply chain partners, relying on email and other methods to keep them in the loop. By integrating their supply chain into their workflow, they can manage and monitor the interactions of all participants in real-time, including the necessary approvals and notification.
How do you currently make sure work your supply chain partners are informed and on track on your projects?

Controlled Access to Key Project and Supporting Documentation

Security concerns about how partners gain access to up-to-date information has grown as the workplace extends from offices to include homes and other alternative workspaces. Businesses are realizing that email is not an effective way to distribute and manage documents. Making sure information is controlled and secured has prompted many to leverage cloud-based document management solutions. Integrating document management with process workflows is delivering even greater benefits.
Do your partners have the latest up-to-date information when they need it, wherever they need it?

Leveraging Multiple Collaboration Tools

Lately we’ve learned that email alone isn’t enough to support the wide range of communications occurring between partners. Videoconferencing solutions are on fire now, along with the increasing use of chat and desktop sharing. What’s evident is that businesses need a suite of tools that are fit for their variety of daily interactions.
Do you have the right mix of tools to collaborate efficiently and effectively with your supply chain partners?
The challenge has become greater to make sure projects stay on track and everyone his update and working with the latest project status and changes and is related norms have verified economic benefits that ensure they will be here to stay. As the size and complexity of your supply chain grows, you’ll need to rely on accurate, real time data to keep you informed of key metrics monitoring and measuring their performance.
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