Executing Business Continuity

COVID-19 has made small and mid-sized business owners and operators aware of the importance of immediately creating, updating, and executing a business continuity plan. Your plan must include the following critical items:
  • Your workforce of employees, gig workers (1099s) and subcontractors working securely from anywhere anytime.
  • Stay connected with your team and customers
  • Stay informed about your projects
  • Stay on top of your finances
To make the transition, you need to quickly adopt the appropriate technology to support your business infrastructure, fill any gaps, and keep your business running efficiently without interruption. It must be comprehensive and accessible to all participants through a secured cloud platform.
To move forward, you must quickly create and execute a phased plan to make you resilient while improving performance and competitiveness.
Our OneLynk platform is a comprehensive solution that provides flexible, mobile and web based anytime/anywhere accessibility to your back-office systems. Contact us to get a complimentary assessment, and to learn more about our special incentives designed to help you affordably begin your business transformation.

A Comprehensive Solution

  • Completely mobile SaaS platform
  • Totally digital & paperless
  • Integrated processes
  • Cyber-secured

Complete Visibility to Manage your Remote Workforce

  • Controlled and secured role-based real time process/project status and approval visibility
  • Workflow integration of employees, 1099’s, contractors and clients
  • Integrated document management
  • Efficient collaboration using chat/voice/video and correspondence
  • tracking
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