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June 5, 2020

GovCon 101: How to Be Attractive to Large Prime Contractors

It's Bidding Season!

The federal government spends billions of dollars each year on contracts for products and services. A majority of the dollars awarded go to prime contractors. Each of these contracts requires a commitment to partner with small businesses, providing a great opportunity for those well-prepared. They need to demonstrate that they’re the right partner ready to contribute to winning and performing on contracts.

We’ve identified four key strategies to position a company to be an attractive partner:

  • First, and most importantly, they want partners to offer differentiators that help contribute to their winning potential.
  • Next, you have to eliminate compliance risks, avoiding becoming the weakest link in the supply chain.
  • You also have to demonstrate that you understand and are controlling your costs, keeping your indirect rates low to contribute to competitive pricing.
  • And finally, you should integrate the best outside professional services resources cost-effectively.

AtWork Systems OneLynk platform can help you deliver on each of these points. 

  • Stand out from your competitors by implementing comprehensive and integrated enterprise-level business services on par with primes at a fraction of the cost.
  • Eliminate compliance risks with an automated back-office solution that has DCMA, DoD, and NIST security built into its DNA.
  • Take advantage of powerful integrated analytics that gives you the proactive insight to manage and optimize your indirect rates.
  • Efficiently leverage part-time resources using our integrated workflow and suite of collaboration tools, minimizing your back-office footprint.

Our OneLynk  platform is a comprehensive solution that provides flexible, mobile, and web-based anytime/anywhere access to your back-office systems. It is also DCAA compliant and helps ensure compliance with the SF1408. Contact us to get a complimentary assessment, and to learn more about our special incentives designed to help you affordably begin your business transformation.

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