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May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Is Impacting the SBIR Community

Learn How They Can Weather the Storm

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) community of grant seekers and awardees are aggressively seeking ways to respond to the interruptions caused by COVID-19. Because many are small and relatively new startup ventures, they are taking a hard look at cost-effective business applications and flexible outside professional services to help them survive and thrive.

The SBIR contractor’s challenges are similar to most small businesses, only made more difficult by their compressed project timelines and the high-risk nature of their innovative research:

  • Managing a dispersed team of highly technical resources.
  • Sharing proprietary technical information securely and efficiently.
  • Taking care of business functions outside of an office environment.
  • Staying on top of government compliance and delivering timely reports to sponsoring agencies.
  • And getting all of this done with minimal costs and resources.

The emergence of affordable cloud-based business solutions and the flexibility of a highly professional gig economy resource pool offers a timely solution to their challenges.

  • A highly secured, government-compliant subscription-based integrated project management and back office business services model provides a means to quickly operate like a mature company, affordably.
  • Flexible support models offer a DIY solution that can be augmented with professional services for HR, Accounting and Project Management, scaled to meet the budget and unique needs of each SBIR grantee and candidate.
  • And all of this can be done entirely remotely, supporting an entire network of dispersed employees and contractors with built-in collaboration suites, safely and efficiently

Our OneLynk  platform is a comprehensive solution that provides flexible, mobile, and web-based anytime/anywhere access to your back-office systems. It is also DCAA compliant and helps ensure compliance with the SF1408. Contact us to get a complimentary assessment, and to learn more about our special incentives designed to help you affordably begin your business transformation.

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