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May 22, 2020

The GovCon COVID-19 Project Management Challenge

The Top 5 Technology Requirements for Delivering Distributed Project Management for your Government Contracts

COVID-19’s social distancing requirements have forced project managers to find creative and efficient approaches to working with distributed workers, contractors, and clients on their Government contracts. Simply giving everyone video-conferencing tools like Zoom, Team, and Skype isn’t sufficient. Project managers must learn how to leverage technologies that will help them manage the wide range of resources that contribute to delivering project outcomes, performing back-office transactions, updating status, and reporting costs incurred.

There are 5 key must-haves that contribute to project success:

  • Controlled and secured role-based access to the Project Management System (PMS) is required to update and view projects status, and to approve project changes.
  • Integration of the distributed employees, 1099’s, contractors and clients into a unified project management workflow process.
  • Integrated document management that provides secured and controlled access to critical up-to-date documents for authorized stakeholders.
  • Efficient team collaboration using a variety of chat/voice/video and correspondence tracking solutions that are aligned with the situational demands of each communication event.
  • Optimally aligning and integrating the project’s supporting HR, Procurement, and Accounting related activities.


AtWork Systems’ OneLynk platform was designed from the ground up to deliver Project Management planning execution, monitoring and reporting activities on a cloud-based platform purpose-built for GovCons. Our integrated workflow seamlessly automates all back-office processes that incorporate all internal employees and external resources. Your project managers will be maximally prepared to accomplish their deliverables on time and on budget.

Our OneLynk  platform is a comprehensive solution that provides flexible, mobile, and web-based anytime/anywhere access to your back-office systems. It is also DCAA compliant and helps ensure compliance with the SF1408. Contact us to get a complimentary assessment, and to learn more about our special incentives designed to help you affordably begin your business transformation.

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