Is Your Contract Management System Coming Up Short?

Contract Management

Best-In-Class Systems Save Time, Money and Embarrassment

If your contract management system is more than a few years old, you’re probably at risk. At risk of poorly managing contract changes. At risk of spending too much and taking too long to generate customer invoices. And at risk of your customer rejecting your invoice, resulting in payment delays and reflecting poorly on your reputation. Modern contract management systems offer automation, cloud-based accessibility and efficiencies that impact your performance and competitiveness.
If you need to know where your system stands, we have a few questions for you. Can your current system:
  • Handle all government contract types. including Labor Hour, Firm Fixed Price, Time and Material and Cost Reimbursable?
  • Efficiently document impacts of contract changes, managing and sharing approved updates to key stakeholders?
  • Integrate seamlessly with your Project Management Information System (PMIS), aligning completed deliverables and costs to contract requirements?
  • Automate the generation of customer invoices by contract type, avoiding resource intensive manual processes?
  • Perform in-process validations, eliminating costly and timely errors, unnecessary rework or returned invoices?
AtWork Systems’ OneLynk platform was designed from the ground up to deliver integrated Contract and Project Management planning execution, monitoring and reporting activities. Our integrated workflow processes seamlessly automate all back-office processes, including Accounting, Procurement and Human Capital Management. Get as much as you want when you want it on a flexible Software-as-a Service (SaaS) model.
Our OneLynk platform is a comprehensive SaaS solution that provides a flexible, mobile and web based anytime/anywhere business platform. It dramatically eliminates the time, cost and typical business disruption needed to transform your business, growing with you over time as your agile company scales and adapts over time.
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